Chapter 659 (Teaser)

Furfur. Along with Hell Gao, Drasion, Morax, and Astaroth, they were the great demons that the public were most familiar with. It was because these great demons appeared as regular guests in stories of Muller’s heroism that could be found in various quests and books.

That’s right. Furfur was one of the great demons who had their bodies sealed by Muller. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that all two billion users knew the name.

“Furfur’s Power.”


Why did Agnus mention the name of a great demon? Ordinary viewers didn’t know the concept of ‘runes’ and were puzzled, while the Overgeared members and Ares' troops turned pale. At that moment.


The night sky turned white. It was a change in landscape caused by the frost that started to pour down like rain.

‘Blizzard-like magic?’

Grid and the Overgeared members took up defense postures.

“It isn’t magic!”

Ares shouted from where he was dealing with a death knight and lich with the help of Luck...

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