Chapter 657 (Teaser)

"Isn't it strange?”

The Ares Army had to occupy a total of 13 fortresses before arriving at the capital. It was a big war. The occupation difficulty of the fortresses were so high that the Ares members and Grid’s group were quite nervous. It should be a tough fight. But for some reason, all the fortresses were empty. All the fortresses on the way to the capital were empty, without even one rodent.

“What’s the reason for clearing the fortresses?”

“Have they already given up on the war?”

The fortresses were strategic points. There was no better base than a fortress to stop the enemy. Yet the fortresses were vacated? It was difficult for Grid to understand. He could only interpret it as the Belto Kingdom giving up on this war.

On the other hand, the Ares Army had a different hypothesis.

"The royal family thinks that Ares’ new army destroyed the elite armored troops.”

Yes, the Belto royal family didn’t know about the involvement of the Overgeared Guild. On the other hand, they knew about Ares’ Fostering Strong Soldiers skill. From the standpoint of the Belto royal family, it was natural to attribute the deaths of the armored elite troops to Ares’ new army.

"The royal family has clearly seen it. The armored elite troops raised their...

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