Chapter 656 (Teaser)

"Did you draw it correctly? A very nice and handsome man. Isn’t it almost at the level of rugged man? Kelkelkel!”

God of War Ares. He was the bigshot closest to gaining the title of First King. Grid now knew. If it wasn’t for Lauel, the throne of first king would’ve been occupied by Ares.

"It’s the first time I’ve heard someone calling themselves handsome. Aren’t your words too much?”

Ares had the ability to make people feel comfortable. His cheerful personality and ordinary appearance gave comfort and liking to the other person.

“Have you never heard that you are handsome? That’s strange... Aha, this friend.”

Ares smiled and poked Grid’s side with his elbow.

"Are you acting modestly in front of your lover?”


Where was his lover? Grid followed Ares’ gaze. It was Jishuka. The impressive beauty with tanned skin and elongated limbs like a model. She stood out even in a crowd of hundreds.

“...She isn’t my lover.”

"I know the rumor that you conquered both Jishuka and Yura.”

"I didn’t conquer them...”

"Obtaining the world’s finest South American flower and Oriental flower... I’m envious, envious. I would’ve had a chance...

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