Chapter 654 (Teaser)


It was rare for people to know it, but it was the first hidden class that appeared in Satisfy along with Baal’s Contractor and Blood Warrior. If the skill was below the epic rating, it could be unconditionally copied and used like her own skill. It would be used depending on the need.

Once a Duplicator had copied a large number of skills, the combat power and effectiveness that it exerted was the ultimate strength. Even the Overgeared King Grid was convinced he would lose if he fought Euphemina in a perfect state.

“Who is that girl?”

It was the armored elite troops’ 1st Battalion. It was the strongest unit of the Belto Kingdom that tied up the feet of the Saharan Empire during the war. They doubted their eyes as the approached the capital of the Ares Duchy. It was because Parklu Fortress, which should be empty after the soldiers retreated, currently had a girl on its walls. She was a cute girl with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail.

“A civilian who didn’t escape?”

But that was too confident. She...

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