Chapter 653 (Teaser)

Pured Bridge.

It was a bridge crossing a river that was bigger than a lake. It belonged to the Belto Kingdom and was one of the core transportation routes. It was called the ‘immortal bridge’ because it never collapsed.


There were 300 horses marching on the bridge. There were so many that a person had to stare closely at the legs to find out that there were 300 horses. It was the armored elite troops’ 4th Battalion.

"Speed up!”

The 4th Battalion’s specialty was to be swift and surprising. It was in order to supplement the disadvantage of having low numbers.

"Quickly occupy the watchtower at the end of the bridge!”

If their surprise attack was exposed by the enemy guarding the watchtower, things could become annoying. Bocard, leader of the 4th Battalion, believed this and prompted the soldiers. The soldiers responded to his expectations by using advanced skills. Immediately crossing the bridge, they narrowed the distance to the tower to three meters and leapt from their saddle. It was a perfect jump without a loss of balance!



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