Chapter 649 (Teaser)

Yura couldn’t forget the wonder that she felt the first time she met Grid. She had been 5th in the overall rankings. He was the man who stood up against the onslaught of one of the best among two billion users. His first impression was more intense than when she met Kraugel.

‘At that moment, he was imprinted on me.’

Yura became conscious of Grid more than was necessary. Without knowing it, she followed Grid’s steps with her eyes and ears. In the process, she felt a strange attraction to Grid. Unlike other men, Grid didn’t look at her appearance or money. He saw the person called ‘Yura.’ The flavor of the bulgogi that she ate at the restaurant he took her to still lingered in her mouth.



Yura was planning an expedition to hell in order to obtain the hidden pieces of a Demon Slayer. She made all her preparations and regained her spirit in front of the gate.

Lauel laughed. "You seem to be nervous about the long expedition in front of you. Don’t worry. You will do well, as always.”

"I don’t know if I should leave when the kingdom is in a crisis.”

In fact, Yura wanted to solve the dispute...

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