Chapter 645 (Teaser)

Invisibility cloak. As the name suggested, it made the wearer invisible. It was made by the legendary tailor Kruger and it was said there were only five left in the present day. It was a very rare item, so no user saw it in person. For most people, an invisibility cloak was an item that existed in dreams.

Yes, people could never imagine. Somebody had already produced an invisibility cloak.


“It isn’t useful unless the hood is up.”

The Hooded Zip Up made by Grid after consuming Item Creation had the basic effect of the invisibility cloak. It was a special item that made the wearer invisible and unable to be identified.

‘Of course, the original invisibility cloak is likely to be much better.’

Grid assumed that the original invisibility cloak would erase every trace of the wearer. For those who were over a certain level, he couldn’t be confident that the Hooded Zip Up would be useful compared to the invisibility cloak. But it was enough.

The significance of the invisibility cloak was to make things invisible. The Hooded Zip Up was useful enough for now. It allowed him to walk through Kars safely.

“H-Heok? G-Grid?”

“When did you come back?”

At an inn located in the middle of nowhere. Once Grid came back, he found Yang...

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