Chapter 644 (Teaser)

‘Why isn’t he chasing?’

Grid’s heart had thumped the moment Garam was hit with the second Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. Garam allowed only three hits from Linked Kill and avoided it from the fourth strike, so he wasn’t affected by Wave and Pinnacle.

‘His body was hit directly, but he avoided the following attacks...’

Truly a monster. He didn’t seem made for a one on one fight. The wound wasn’t fatal, so Grid expected Garam to come after him right away.  He was prepared to pour all his power to stop Garam and buy time for Han Seokbong and Sua to escape. Yet Garam didn’t chase him for some reason. He avoided the fourth to seventh blows and just sat down in a collapsed position.

‘Did the story system force him to stop chasing me?’

It was a reasonable hypothesis. The yangbans were too strong. The players at this point in time wouldn’t be able to face the yangbans.

‘Anyway, it’s good.’

They were able to escape...

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