Chapter 640 (Teaser)

The Rune of Darkness. It was an item obtained from the event story that occurred just after Grid accepted Braham’s soul. It dropped from Tallos, agent of the First Servant Amoract.

Tallos. He wasn’t someone who could be made fun of. He was an agent of the great demon Amoract. He was a very strong, cruel, and well-rounded person that was chosen by a great demon. It was purely his achievement that the Yatan Church could be spread all over the West Continent.

Even the current Grid would have no chance if he was hostile to Tallos. But Braham showed his true strength in the event story and Tallos became nothing more than a worm.  Tallos was killed by a handful of Magic Missiles and Fireballs by Braham who had 15,580 intelligence.

In any case, the conclusion was that the Rune of Darkness was an item that was difficult to obtain using normal paths. Who could obtain the Rune of Darkness that Tallos dropped? If Grid hadn’t accepted Braham’s soul... Yes, if he hadn’t obtained the second class of Legendary Great Magician then he wouldn’t know the existence of the rune.

‘Among the two billion users, the number of users who have runes...

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