Chapter 639 (Teaser)

“Han Seok... What?”

The guards dragging Han Seokbong stopped in place when they saw Grid.


Then a boss monster emerged from the ground and blocked the way.

[The leader of the Lava Prison has emerged.]


Grid was confused at the sight of the slim, pale jianghsi boss-figure. In Satisfy, the appearance of a boss was enough for the surroundings to erupt with powerful pressure. Even a low-level boss would induce a status abnormality when it appeared.

However, the leader of the Lava Prison didn’t cause any abnormal conditions. It wasn’t like a normal monster, which made Grid feel uneasy. Grid felt an overwhelming presence from the boss.

‘The fact that it doesn’t cause any abnormal conditions means that...’

Didn’t it suggest that the basic specs of the lead guard were excellent? Considering that the physical abilities of the previous jiangshi were outstanding, it was highly likely that the boss jiangshi was at the peak of its physical abilities.

‘I have a headache.’

Ordinary guards didn’t boast tremendous physical abilities. He had lost his sword when dealing with three jiangshis at the same time. If the ability of the...

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