Chapter 638 (Teaser)

‘The jiangshi are just too strong.’

The average level of the Lava Prison Guards was 360, 29 levels higher than Grid’s current level. But level wasn’t the problem, however, as both Grid’s stats and items meant that he had already transcended the limits of his level. As he hunted and discovered more information about the blood jiangshi, he realized that apart from their physical strength and their high defense, the truly terrifying thing about them was their abnormal mental state. They showed no consciousness, felt no pain, and knew no fear.


Chaaeng! Chaeng!


Grid’s maximum health had gone over 80,000 ever since he obtained the ‘Savior of the World’ title from the Belial raid. It even overwhelmed most tankers that had invested their stat points into stamina.  But this great health gauge was currently in jeopardy as only 40% remained. This meant that the blood jiangshi were strong!



Grid’s +9 Failure, his trusted weapon that exerted greater power in the darkness, swung through the air at three blood jiangshis, only to be met with a kick. The sword slipped from Grid’s hand—while...

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