Chapter 637 (Teaser)

Chapter 637

“It’s unusual.”

The Lava Prison wasn’t built by human hands; the dormant volcano had instead been slightly modified into a natural prison. The black and towering mountains gave Grid a feeling of overwhelming awe.

"I’m scared because the mountain is sharp and pointed.”

"Based on the lava flowing all around, it’s a dormant volcano, right...? Will it suddenly explode?”

Idan and Yang Fei hesitated, lacking the courage to enter the Lava Prison. Of course, Grid had no intention of having them join him in the first place.

"It’s enough to know where the Lava Prison is; both of you return to our accommodations and wait.”

“I’ll make delicious food.”

"And I’ll prepare a warm bath and tea. Please come back safe and sound.”


Grid remained alone and confirmed the time: there were less than two hours left until Han Seokbong’s execution.

‘The information-gathering took too long.’

He only managed it with Yang Fei’s help. If it hadn’t been for Yang Fei, Grid still...

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