Chapter 636 (Teaser)

"The officials are angry. I can’t postpone your execution any longer.”

The Lava Prison. The Cho King came back today and spoke with a somber face.  Han Seokbong bowed his head.

"I’m a sinner deserving death. Brother, let your lingering attachment go and execute me.”


The Cho King looked at Han Seokbong sadly. Who was Han Seokbong? He was the king’s only friend since he was a prince. Han Seokbong loved and respected the Cho King beyond his status as a king.

"I will say it again. The yangbans of the Hwan Kingdom want to know the whereabouts of the Red Phoenix Bow maker. If you don’t give them the answer they want, this kingdom will be in great danger. You really... Do you really not know his whereabouts?”


"It’s really confusing...”

The Cho King believed Han Seokbong. But the officials were the problem. They fiercely accused Han Seokbong of being a traitor who abandoned his kingdom. They...

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