Chapter 634 (Teaser)

Users ate food in Satisfy to fill their satiety and recover. Food was an essential energy source.

But the dishes made by Idan were often poisonous.

[You have eaten bad food.]

[You have received food poisoning.]

[You have resisted.]

[You have consumed something that shouldn’t be eaten.] 

[You have been poison (large).]

[You have resisted.]


“How about it? Isn’t it delicious?”

The road to Kars, capital of the Cho Kingdom.

Grid travelled with Idan and Yang Fei, suffering terrible pain every time he ate food. He was being tortured by a torture expert.

‘I want you to make food that people can at least eat, even if it isn’t delicious... Nine out of ten dishes are just food waste.’

It wasn’t possible to supply the current food made by Idan to the Overgeared members and soldiers. If all of them received food poisoning, it would be an unprecedented situation where the government was paralyzed.

‘I have to constantly eat in order to improve Idan’s...

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