Chapter 631 (Teaser)

‘What is this woman?’

An envoy had an obligation to communicate the will of their country. This ability was very important, as they were in charge of bringing back results for the country. Yes, it was fully understandable that the envoy was a named NPC. It wasn’t strange if there was a named-grade diplomatic specific NPC.

‘The empire is famous for its abundant talent and named NPCs must be common there.’

However, sword energy? Mercedes’ passive skill that unleashed havoc was almost at the level of a top named class. It was a skill that bypassed the absolute resistance of a legend. It wasn’t possible for anyone apart from Sword Saint Kraugel.

‘I’m not sure if my memories are wrong. Kraugel was the only one to have the power that the system clearly described as ‘sword energy.’

It was a power that amplified the strength of sword related skills.

‘Having the sword energy power, does this meant that Mercedes is a master of the sword comparable to a Sword Saint?’

Was this person a bigshot? Grid’s eyes became increasingly vigilant...

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