Chapter 630 (Teaser)

‘It wasn’t a joke?’

Hao sweated as he arrived in front of a Chinese restaurant with Youngwoo. There was a red signboard embossed with two golden dragons. This place had a strong Chinese atmosphere and the word ‘Yongsungkak’ on it. Hao was dismayed.

‘A Chinese person who came to South Korea is treated to Chinese food...?’

If he didn’t know who Youngwoo was, Hao would’ve evaluated him as insane. But who was Shin Youngwoo? Overgeared King Grid. The first among two billion users to become a king.

‘He must have deep intentions for guiding me to this place.’

Youngwoo handed the menu to Hao, who had misunderstood and interpreted the actions positively.

"My recommended dishes is the stone bowl jjampong. Oh, jjampong are normally too hot for foreigners to eat? Then you can eat jajang.”

Youngwoo normally got his delivered food from here. But the stone bowl was too hot and he was always sad because it couldn’t be delivered. He was happy to be able to use Hao as an excuse to visit this restaurant and eat jjampong. That’s right. The reason Youngwoo guided Hao to this Chinese restaurant was purely because of his taste buds. There weren’t any...

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