Chapter 629 (Teaser)

(Grid has risen seven rankings in one day...!)

(Grid’s level stagnated after the kingdom’s founding. Now it has risen by four levels in one night!)

(Overgeared King Grid, it is estimated that he cleared a SSS difficulty quest.)

(The SSS difficulty quest that ordinary players will never experience... Did Grid only obtain four levels as a quest reward?)

Grid once again caused a great stir. The world was flipped over by the four levels he gained from clearing successive class quests. But Grid himself wasn’t pleased.

‘I have to finish the quests to complete the class and open up the true power.’ 

The problem was he couldn’t see the end of the class quests. Grid’s class quests were still in progress. In other words, mastering the advanced Tailoring Technique was just a process.

‘It might take years to master the tailoring technique. Then when will my class quest finish?’

Dammit! Why did a blacksmith have to learn tailoring skills?

‘Of course, I know that it’s better to have a variety of skills in the long run.’

However, it had been several years since he became Pagma's Successor. The fact that he hadn’t completed the class quests and opened the true power of the class made Grid feel frustrated.

“Sigh, well... The tailoring...

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