Chapter 624 (Teaser)

'It feels like finishing my first homework.’

Grid was proud after establishing the production system for the Grid set. What country could produce infinite items with unlimited resources? It was a feat that deserved praise for eternity. Of course, the production of the Grid set would be slow right now, but that story would change once more advanced blacksmiths, Insane Dragon Hammers, and Anvils were acquired in the future. It was possible for their military power to grow faster than the Saharan Empire.

‘...No, that isn’t possible yet.’

The population and resources of the West Continent were biased towards the empire. The empire was likely to have much better minerals than the insane dragon iron.

‘They will have hundreds of advanced blacksmiths too. Most of the ranking blacksmith players belong to the empire.’

There was no need for Grid to think about the empire’s power when he was an ordinary player.  But now things had changed.  The Saharan Empire was a potential enemy that could threaten the Overgeared Kingdom with just its existence. The king of the Overgeared...

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