Chapter 622 (Teaser)

‘But it’s amazing.’

Grid had selected and trained 100 blacksmiths. According to experience, advanced blacksmiths weren’t easily born, no matter how much effort Grid and Khan used. Yet Rector had developed using just a few words of advice (?) from Grid and made himself an advanced blacksmith. This talent might exceeded the talents of the blacksmiths Grid found in Reidan.

‘Don’t tell me...’

Rector had the talent to grow into a blacksmith craftsman like Khan. In other words, he was a person in the rank of a genius? Grid was filled with anticipation and took out the Great Lord's Sword. It could only be upgraded to the King’s Sword once he proceeded with the king’s exclusive quest. He wanted to upgrade it as soon as possible, but he was too busy.

‘Character Observation.’

Name: Rector

Age: 28  Gender: Male

Occupation: Blacksmith

Level: 237

Strength: 250/600   Stamina: 899/1,300

Agility: 50/88    Intelligence: 420/420

Skills: Advanced Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Lv. 2, Gain Abilities like a Sponge (S+), Tenacity that Never Gives Up (S+), Teaching by Rote (S+).

A blacksmith born...

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