Chapter 618 (Teaser)

“It’s comforting.”

Eat Spicy Jokbal sighed after escaping from the dungeon and checking his status window. Grid had killed the monsters in the dungeon and destroyed all the traps, so Eat Spicy Jokbal gained a large amount of experience.

‘Thanks to this, I gained two levels. Above all, I’m able to accurately grasp the level of my armed forces.’

The opportunity to compete with someone strong like Grid was worth a million dollars. Eat Spicy Jokbal planned to use his struggle with Grid as a platform for growth. That’s right. Eat Spicy Jokbal wasn’t frustrated, despite losing the insane dragon egg that he’d guarded for a year. His mental strength was too strong to collapse after one failure.

To borrow Peak Sword’s phrasing, this was the will that Koreans showed when foreigners invaded. The strength of South Korea, which had been a powerhouse in e-sports for more than half a century, was becoming more prominent in Satisfy.

‘It’s unfortunate that I have lost my dream of becoming the first player to own a dragon.’

In fact, it was unlikely that the dream would come true in the first plac...

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