Chapter 617 (Teaser)

Blood Carnival’s master.

He always existed behind a curtain. He never showed himself on the surface and concealed his identity. That was Dark. The reason he hid his identity was simple. He didn’t want people to know about his association with the evil organization, Blood Carnival. For Dark, who had great dreams of the future, Blood Carnival was merely a way for him to make money.

“You, what’s your identity? You look really strange.”

Dark wore a mask on a daily basis. It was so that he wouldn’t be discovered in the course of his exchanges with Blood Carnival.

“Why are you so quiet? Are you mute?”

Grid frowned. A mysterious player who completely hid his face and ID. Based on the contents of the quest, he was the master of this dungeon. How did he become the master of the dungeon? Was it possible for a player to own a dungeon? There were many questions he wanted to resolve, but the other person remained quiet like he was mute.

“Who are you?” Grid ...

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