Chapter 616 (Teaser)

"Why aren’t you killing me? Are you trying to shame me with mercy? Kukukuk, I’ll politely refuse. I am a noble who can see the passage of time. It’s shameful to keep my life because of human sympathy. The blood in my body will flow from the humiliation.”

‘What are these guys?’

The evil eyes who lay down hoping for death. Grid was embarrassed.

‘I should’ve just killed them from the beginning instead of sparing them uselessly.’ 

Indeed, doing things he didn’t usually do was tiring.

‘It is wrong to talk to them in the first place.’

The tone of the evil eyes was so similar to Lauel that a sense of empathy was created and his hostility faded.


A sudden thought passed through Grid’s head.

'These guys, won’t they be good friends with Lauel?’

It was awkward to kill them now after already sparing them. Grid devised a method and spoke.

"You guys, become my subordinates instead of giving up your lives.”


Servitude. Was...

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