Chapter 615 (Teaser)

First King was a title that only one player could acquire. It was the first player to become a king. The uniqueness of the title could be understood by looking at the extraordinary acquisition conditions. It was a title give to only one out of two billion users.

What about the performance? Numerous people guessed that it would be the best. Some people were more envious about the fact that Grid obtained this title than his large territory or hundreds of thousands of people. In reality?

[First King]

A great king who built the first nation of players. A living history and myth.

* A great king puts his safety first. If you lose 70% of your maximum health, a shield containing the health you lost within the last minute will be created. At this point, terrain adaptability will increase by 100% while movement speed and defense will increase by 10%. 

* A great king must be familiar with the crown. You can wear a helmet and crown together, receiving the stats of both items. The exposed image must either be a helmet or a crown.

* A great...

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