Chapter 612 (Teaser)

The worst dark gamers group, Blood Carnival. They were those who did evil deeds for the sake of money. The number of people who perceived Blood Carnival as enemies were too numerous to count.  Some people aimed to get revenge on Blood Carnival.

But it was determined that the collapse of Blood Carnival was an unrealistic goal. The power of Blood Carnival was uniquely powerful and it was impossible to find the base because they were a group wrapped in mysteries. But today.

"This is the stronghold of Blood Carnival?”

Thailand’s leading ranker, Tom Yum, arrived at the Dravian Mountains. After being assassinated by Blood Carnival, she rallied similar victims and found the home of Blood Carnival. This was the result of recruiting Skunk, the number one explorer, with a lot of money.

"You can enter that cave.”

Skunk showed the way in a friendly manner after collecting a lot of gold. Tom Yum reached the entrance of the huge cave and frowned.

“Based on the notification window, this is the nest of the insane dragon Nevartan?”

The base was a dragon lair? What was this? Skunk explained to Tom Yum, who had a distrustful expression.

“To be precise, this place was Nevartan’s...

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