Chapter 610 (Teaser)

In Year 20XX, the number of player accounts created in Satisfy was over two billion. It was a huge number that was almost one-fifth of the world’s population. There was a reason why the world’s economy revolved around Satisfy.

Of course, the vast majority of those two billion users were light users, and there were many dormant accounts. But even considering that, it was hard for people to understand why a mere 50,000 users migrated to the Overgeared Kingdom.

『 It’s the first kingdom created by a player and has triggered many hot topics. But why are there so few players moving there? I think it should be normal for the population to grow rapidly. 』

『 There are two major reasons. First, immigration isn’t easy. People are the driving force of a nation and the other kingdoms on the continent don’t want their population to shrink. A person who wants to migrate is required to pay a large amount of taxes or complete a specific quest. In particular, the kingdoms are more sensitive because it’s the...

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