Chapter 606 (Teaser)

-I’ve put Reidorn in jail.

-Good work Faker. Make sure he’s secure and see if he was sent by someone. Absolutely don’t kill him.

-I understand.

Grid was very wary of Reidorn. It was inevitable, since he lost half his health from Reidorn’s blow. This was despite the fact that Grid was wearing Triple Layers.

‘Is there a proportional attack factor for my health or defense?’

The balance was a problem since it was so focused on attack power. However, this was the first time that a NPC showed such overwhelming attack power since Piaro. At first, Grid thought the opponent was a simple crazy person, but he was actually a big named NPC.

‘There are a few forces after me, so it’s hard to tell who sent the assassin...’

The higher the position, the greater the danger. Frankly, it was scary. He didn’t think there would be an assassination attempt at the founding ceremony where all the members of Overgeared were gathered.

‘I have to increase the defenses around Irene and Lord.’

Grid was alert and turned towards Baron Guy. All the other representatives left, but Baron...

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