Chapter 601 (Teaser)


“Grid! Grid!! Grid!!”

“God Grid! God Grid!! God Grid!”

The players cheers rang through Reinhardt the moment that the announcement about the first player king being born was made. The cheers stirred the earth. Tens of thousands of players and hundreds of thousands of NPCs chanted Grid’s name and praised him.

“Film it!”

"Close in on the users and people! I want to see their faces filled with joy!”

Who in the world could receive such enthusiastic cheers from so many people? It was as if the world’s president had been born. The broadcasters were absorbed in the atmosphere of the scene. They had a desire to give the viewers a live view of the scene.

‘All I can say is great.’

The cheers of the people reached the sky. The players praised Grid, regardless of their nationality.  The broadcasting staff ran around the streets. In the midst of this turmoil, Zirkan trembled. His gaze was focused on Lauel.

‘Lauel, you’re a monster.’

Who spread the rumor that the Eternal nobles had gathered and were advancing to Reinhardt? It was Lauel. It was designed to heighten the atmosphere of the scene and this dramatic...

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