Chapter 600 (Teaser)

The world’s attention towards the first country built by a player, Overgeared, was very hot. Many broadcasting companies around the world dispatched people to Reinhardt.

"Move the positions of cameras 5 and 7! Be careful to film Grid from all angles!”

"The Japanese people want to see Katz’ face more than once. Arrange the camera so that Katz’ face can be seen from time to time.”

"There are many beautiful woman in Overgeared. Make the lights bright so that their beauty is stronger... Hey! Why are you filming Vantner? The ratings will fall!”

Every broadcaster identified the trends of their viewers and designed their broadcasts accordingly. The female-oriented broadcasters with many female viewers focused on anyone handsome. The broadcasters who focused on accurate information communicated the situation of Grid, Reinhardt, and the Overgeared Guild. Political and diplomatic experts sat on a panel to deeply evaluate the future of the Overgeared Kingdom.  

"Kuk, I am nervous.”

There were cameras and lights everywhere they looked.


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