Chapter 599 (Teaser)

"All 15 kingdoms except the empire dispatched an envoy?”

They refused the founding ceremony invitation, but now they sent representatives? The members of Overgeared reacted strongly when they heard the news.

“Why are they acting as they please? Why are they acting like we are pushovers?”

"It’s obnoxious, but the situation isn’t that bad. The fact that they sent representatives means they’re willing to deal with us.”

"Isn’t that too unbelievable? Those bastards are accepting Overgeared as a kingdom?”

“Why did they suddenly change their position?”

“Overgeared will become as big as the empire in the future and they are trying to suck up to us! Puhuhu!”

“Now they have realized the dignity of God Grid! Puhahahat!”

The more the conversation progressed, the more excited the atmosphere became. The positive energy generated by Peak Sword and Vantner caused unfounded confidence.

Lauel sighed and poured cold water on them. “That’s impossible. They will deny us until the end.”

“Eh? So why are they sending representatives?”

“Hut, isn’t it obvious? My reincarnation...

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