Chapter 598 (Teaser)

The Overgeared Guild won the battle against Belial and laid the foundation to establish a kingdom. Every member of the guild was faithful to their role. It was thanks to them that Overgeared was able to establish a kingdom. Grid knew this, so he wanted to reward all the members of Overgeared with magic battle items.

But it was impossible in terms of both time and capital. In particular, Lauel’s objections were severe.

“Don’t you know the meaning of meritorious retainers? It’s a word that refers to a subordinates who built up a lot of merits when establishing a country. Since we worked hard, we are all meritorious retainers? That’s ridiculous. Unless you select and reward those who sacrificed more, you will lose the meaning of meritorious retainers.”

"It’s a shame.”

But Lauel was right. Giving the same reward to both those who were active and who weren’t active? The people who were more active might feel a sense of deprivation.

‘Indeed, this isn’t a communist country. What is equal compensation?’

As a simple example, people received different rewards in raids. Grid was convinced and broke down the contributions of the Overgeared members. He excluded personal friendship...

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