Chapter 593 (Teaser)

While Grid was learning the Magic Battle Gear Production Method. 

The Overgeared members were scattered all over and performing their own duties. They encouraged and helped the people greatly damaged by the war and repaired Reinhardt, Patrian, and Bairan. The person who played the biggest role in this process wasn’t the high rankers like Jishuka, Yura, Regas, or Pon. It was surprisingly Grid’s sister, Ruby.

Ruby’s overwhelming healing power and benevolent spirit helped to heal and encourage the wounded bodies and minds of the people and soldiers.

“Thank you! I really appreciate it! My friends and family are able to regain their health thanks to Saintess Ruby!”

"I thought I would spend my whole life like this, but I’m able to walk thanks to the Saintess. I will thank the Saintess for the rest of my life and live well.”

“Ah! Saintess Ruby is Grid’s sister? How could there be two such wonderful siblings?”

The people’s love and respect for Ruby grew further. In accordance, Ruby’s sphere of influence was naturally expanded. It...

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