Chapter 592 (Teaser)

A Dungeon Maker could build dungeons underground, in caves, inside buildings, etc.

The rating of the constructed dungeon varied according to the location, design, and scale. The higher the rating of the dungeon, the greater the number of traps and monsters that could be placed. Therefore, the rank of the dungeon was a factor that directly contributed to the difficult.

[The third section of the ‘Beware Dogs’ dungeon has been completed.]

[The third section is structurally capable of placing 8 traps and 193 monsters. However, you can’t place flying-type monsters.]

[This is a unique-rated dungeon. As a bonus, experience has increased by 10% and all stats have increased by 6.]

[Every time someone destroys a trap or hunts a monster, you will share some of their experience. You can acquire a certain amount of gold and building materials every time someone acquires items. If a dungeon explorer dies during the dungeon, you will receive various special rewards.]

The dungeon ‘Beware Dogs’ built in the Dravian Mountains by Dark...

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