Chapter 590 (Teaser)

[For Isabel’s Sake]

★ Hidden Quest ★

Isabel’s mission to defend the Rebecca Church at the expense of her own life is harsh.

It is a fate that can’t be denied by the will and power of a human. Even Pope Damian can’t save her.

But you are different.

Perfectly reconstruct Raphael’s Spear and prove it.

Your blacksmithing ability is a mighty force that can destroy fate.

Reveal the absolute techniques that can’t be tolerated and become qualified to become a myth beyond a legend.

Quest Clear Conditions: Weaken the divine power of Raphael’s Spear and ensure Isabel’s safety. However, Raphael’s Spear must be stronger than the existing spear.

Quest Clear Rewards: Deity stat +1.

‘I need to build up my deity stat in the long run.’

Hidden quests were absolutely correct. They gave rewards that weren’t possible with normal quests. The reward of the hidden quest was a point in the deity stat. This meant that the deity stat couldn’t be raised in an ordinary manner. It was like the good luck stat. The titles Kingdom's...

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