Chapter 588 (Teaser)

‘Just like a flying squirrel!’

An assassin’s counter class was a defensive warrior. It was a balanced warrior who could tie up the assassin’s fast feet with a determined charge, reduce the assassin’s strength with a high defense, and tear the assassin’s weak body with appropriate attack power.

Black was convinced. Her warrior clone would be able to easily overpower Faker. However, reality wasn’t that easy. Faker’s impressive movements took full advantage of his class characteristics and control skills. It was too hard to hit him.



The sword wielded by Black’s clone only swiped through empty air.


The warrior’s dash that immediately narrowed the distance to the target and suppressed them was also useless. Faker was able to see the timing and point of arrival of the dark by looking at the warrior’s preparatory movements before he used it. The warrior couldn’t catch Faker because it was avoided beforehand. 

‘Another Kraugel?’

It was reminiscent to the movements of Kraugel, who wasn’t...

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