Chapter 586 (Teaser)

‘What in the world is that kid?’

Lord was a child around five years old. However, his language skills were better than his age, so he must be a pretty smart kid. Yes, this was the first impression. The reality? He was a monster who couldn’t just be called smart. He was a threat pretending to be a kid, who knew shadow skills, divine magic, and swordsmanship. In addition, this wasn’t the usual swordsmanship. The spectacular skill effect showed that it was at least a unique rated swordsmanship.

‘This monster...!’



Lord narrowed the distance by moving his short legs. A storm of energy emerged from his blade and aimed at White and Black. It felt as though they were looking at Kraugel’s swordsmanship. White judged that it was difficult to avoid it completely and made a different choice. Magicians had low health and low defense, so they used shields. On the other hand, White increased her defense and attacked.

'How strong can a little kid be?’

In the first place, Lord’s weapon was just a little baby sword. White judged that the attack would be weak,...

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