Chapter 585 (Teaser)


Their attack was anticipated ahead of time and a trap was laid? It was even in the rice fields!


Unless it was a particular season, the fields wouldn’t be a target. The crops that hadn’t grown significantly made the fields completely open, meaning it was hard to lay a trap or ambush. Therefore, the sisters were caught off guard. They never expected there would be a trap on the fields.

‘Soldiers and guild members are disguised as farmers!’

It was surprising that soldiers were disguised as farmers and waiting for them. They sacrificed their time to carry out the orders of Grid. They had to stay in the fields without doing any work. It showed Overgeared’s loyalty to Grid.

‘He did it properly.’

White was convinced. Grid was an absolute ruler and genius before he was a blacksmith, overgeared person, or high ranker. It was dubious but now she was certain. It wasn’t a coincidence that Blood Carnival collided with Overgeared in Siren!

‘Since then, we have been...

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