Chapter 584 (Teaser)

“What? The king has been killed?”

[King Aslan’s death has become known and the navy is in turmoil!] 

[The power of Eternal’s navy has gone down. Skills and spells are no longer available.]

[Eternal’s navy has retreated!]

“Pant... Pant...”

Cokro Island. Peak Sword struggled against the navy with the help of Soldier, who he met during his mining activities. They had been in a big crisis after half the island was taken by the navy, so Peak Sword sighed with relief.

“Lauel... God Grid. You did it.”

The ending of the war was much faster than planned. Thanks to that, they could keep Cokro Island. Against what everyone thought, they protected Cokro Island with their Korean hands.


“We did it! We did it!!”

The Silver Knights and the soldiers of Cokro Island shed tears of joy. Their bodies and minds were exhausted from the war that lasted several days, but they enjoyed the pleasure of this moment. Peak Sword praised them.

"Everyone has suffered. You all fought well like God Grid.”

It was time to go back to Grid.

“Let’s go to God Grid. We will bless our master who will soon come to the throne.”

Grid would once again improve the reputation of South Korea. As the president of the Korean Patriotic Society, Peak Sword was...

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