Chapter 583 (Teaser)

Grid was able to build up knowledge with his experience of making the myth rated Red Phoenix Bow. In order to make myth rated items, special materials containing a god’s power were required. For example, the Red Phoenix Breath.

'Raphael’s Spear will contain a material associated with Goddess Rebecca.’

Grid hadn’t seen it in the past, but he believed he could now that his blacksmithing ability rose sharply.

‘Once I figure out and understand the material of Raphael’s Spear, I will be able to remodel it.’

The confident Grid started to disassemble Raphael’s Spear. He removed the decorative fleece hanging from the front part of the spear, then separated all the parts of the spears in order.  It was quick and delicate without damaging any of the connecting parts. 

The blacksmiths of Reinhardt were impressed by the sight.

‘It’s like a hand touching the skin of a woman. Extraordinarily delicate.’

‘But it’s quick with...

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