Chapter 582 (Teaser)

"No, what item is worth 60 million gold? Isn’t the pricing too high?”

It was unrealistic that the Red Phoenix Bow would be worth 60 million gold, even if it was a first-rate legendary item. It was a matter of common sense. Think about it. A kingdom could be built with 60 million gold. The fact that an item was 60 million gold meant the value was equivalent to a country. Wasn’t this a huge exaggeration?

‘The items made by Grid are great, but it’s hard to compare them to the value of a country. They are more comparable to cities.’

Yes, Lauel also praised Grid. He saw the value of Grid’s items and thought the best ones were equivalent to a city. It was believed that people who were covered with Grid’s items could display a value on a national level. However, Lauel couldn’t recognize that a single item as being worth a kingdom.

"Jishuka, I know you want to pay more than necessary to help Grid, but...”

Lauel had been away from Jishuka in the war. He couldn’t obtain all the information in real time and didn’t know the true...

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