Chapter 579 (Teaser)


King Aslan doubted his eyes as he ran out of the palace. Great Demon Belial was really destroyed. The strongest monarch of hell, who had the power to destroy humanity, was beaten by a few hundred humans? King Aslan made an incredulous expression and soon found Grid. His eyes were filled with anger, resentment, and madness.

“The power of a legend that can even destroy great demons...! Why you? Why did you use this power as a tool of rebellion?”

King Aslan wanted to make his kingdom stronger. He didn’t know why he had to be disturbed by this pure and upright cause.

“You don’t know! I always wanted a friendship with you! I really did my best to treat you well! Then why? Why did you ignore me to the end!”

He was serious. King Aslan needed Grid’s power and did his best to make peace with Grid. But in the end, he was ignored.

"Why weren’t you loyal to your kingdom!?”

Aslan complained to Grid.

Grid gazed at him silently before slowly opening his mouth. “You... How was that the case?”


"No, did you think it would be fine by using me to cover up the fact that you killed Prince Ren? Think...

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