Chapter 577 (Teaser)

Reinhardt Palace’s garden.

There was a black sphere present. It was an ominous sphere that emitted demonic energy.  Looking at it gave the illusion that the body and soul was being sucked in. The identity of this ominous sphere? It was the 32nd Hell that Belial summoned. From the outside, it looked like it could only fit three people. However, there was another universe contained in it.


Hao searched outside the sphere for Belial’s weakness, only to suddenly turn his eyes towards the inner palace.

‘Could it be related to the summoner?

King Aslan sacrificed 9,999 virgins to summon a great demon. If he met the king, he might be able to get a glimpse of the great demon’s weakness.


It had been four hours since Kraugel entered the 32nd Hell. Hao was on edge because he hadn’t done anything to help so far. He hastened his pace as he thought about helping Kraugel with the great demon. At that moment.



Cracks appeared in the black sphere.


There was an explosion from within the black sphere. Followed by...


The black sphere shattered.

“It can’t be...!”

The sky above the sky. He had succeeded...

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