Chapter 576 (Teaser)

『 Kraugel, Damian, and Overgeared... The strongest raid party, which might never happen again, is facing its biggest challenge. 』 

『 I can’t see anymore hope. The opponent was too strong. It’s time to get our minds together. 』

The Great Demon Belial raid was a failure. There was no one who could stop her. In the future, Belial would go crazy and the continent would be filled with fear and confusion.

『 After the Overgeared Guild is defeated, Belial will be based in the Eternal Kingdom and it will gradually turn into a hell. 』

The players were destined to engage in fierce fighting with the creatures raised by Belial. The difficulty of the game would rise exponentially. Everyone was feeling regret over the failure of Overgeared’s raid.


A blue-white light broke the darkness of hell. The remnants of sunlight poured into the cracks to reveal the black and red 32nd Hell. One man showed up. The person who descended from light, it was the advent of Grid. He appeared with his sister Ruby and used Summon Knights to save Piaro and Jude from the crisis. He descended to the ground with a sword dance.

『 G-Grid! 』

『 Ahh! Just before the Overgeared Guild collapsed,...

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