Chapter 575 (Teaser)

Pounding Mortar of Free Farming and the ultimate technique of Piaro, Fated to Perish.

Belial’s health gauge was fine despite these powerful skills being used. After that, she lost some health when hit with two Splitting the Sky. What was the reason? Lauel had pondered on it throughout the raid.

'Is she a type of boss who only loses health after a certain amount of damage is received?’

No, the probability was extremely low.

Pounding Mortar might not go over the damage limit, but Fated to Perish was the best single attack skill in Satisfy. It was hard to see the damage of Fated to Perish as lower than Splitting the Sky. In particular, Kraugel was low-level and it was highly likely that the damage of Splitting the Sky was lower than Fated to Perish. 

‘At the time of Pounding Mortar and Fated to Perish, she might’ve consumed other resources instead of health...’

For example, a mana shield.

‘But I didn’t see the specific eff...

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