Chapter 573 (Teaser)

Belial was overflowing with confidence.

Kraugel’s sword that was about to pierce her neck? It had a sharp orbit, but was too slow. Kraugel had excellent technical abilities, but low physical abilities. She was confident that the fire spear could destroy him before the sword hit her neck.

The farmer who was supposed to be Sword Saint Muller’s successor? He was in a critical state after being struck by several meteorites. Both legs were broken and he couldn’t move properly. She could kill him at any time. The others? She could burn all of them to death.

Thus, Belial was certain of her victory in battle. But life was always unpredictable. This providence wasn’t applied only to humans, but great demons as well.

“Hell Regulation.”


Belial’s calm expression suddenly stiffened. Half of the almost infinite magic power in her body was lost, while the magic of the 32nd Hell faded.  It also triggered the stop...

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