Chapter 572 (Teaser)

[Swordsmanship Creation]

You can create new sword techniques.

The number of times it can be created will increase every time the level of ‘Complete Sword Mastery’ increases.

* The term sword techniques refers to skills that can be used when wearing sword type weapons.

* There are six factors that determine the power of the created sword technique.

* Passive skills can’t be created.

Number of sword techniques that can be created: 3/4

Swordsmanship Creation was literally creation. It was completely different from copying and had the same concept as ‘Item Creation’ possessed by Grid. In other words, Kraugel’s Splitting the Sky wasn’t a copy of Piaro’s. It was redesigned and created to be more powerful. This was intended from the beginning.

The reason Kraugel asked Piaro to use his peak swordsmanship technique was for this skill. Was it because he wanted to obtain a great sword technique for free? No, it wasn’t such lowly greed. This was pure...

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