Chapter 567 (Teaser)

The 33 great demons who ruled hell. There were countless books and documents on their mighty power. It was said that every time a great demon appeared on the earth, several kingdoms were destroyed and humanity experienced a large crisis.

King Aslan was well aware of how dangerous great demons were. But he didn’t have any other choice. He wanted the throne to revive the kingdom, but he would end up destroying it. It couldn’t happen.

‘I will be too ashamed to face my brother in the underworld.’

He couldn’t let the kingdom be taken away. He would rather rely on a great demon. King Aslan was leaning towards this idea when he heard a bizarre voice in his ears.

"Your selfishness, anxiety, regret, despair, fear, and anger. I like all these feelings. Give me pure blood. Invite me to the earth. In return, I will listen to one wish.”

‘Great demon...!’

An old comb that could often be seen. The voice was coming from the great demon summoning tool that Prince Benoit gave him. He couldn’t tell if it was male or female, young or old. Just listening to it caused his legs to shake and dizziness to occur.

King Aslan was afraid. When he felt the great...

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