Chapter 566 (Teaser)

It took effort to make a beautiful smile. One famous actor said, ‘It’s necessary to practice to make a smile that appeals to everyone.’

It made a lot of sense. Did everyone look pretty when smiling? Wrong. Unfortunately, some people couldn’t make pretty smiles, and Grid was one of them. In the past, people felt uncomfortable whenever he laughed. Was it simply because he was ugly?

No. Smiling was a strange concept for Grid, who had no reason to laugh. When he smiled, his expression became awkward. This was a crucial factor. But now it was different. Grid gradually became used to smiling in the process of increasing his valuable bonds. Now he could deliver a smile that gave a good impression to everyone. His life had changed. This was one of the gifts that Grid acquired.

“I won’t disappoint you.”

Grid made a warm smile and declared. The hearts of the Eternal non-regular soldiers thumped. Their eyes became red and their blood boiled. The lowly people and commoners of the Eternal Kingdom. They had always been disappointed by their monarchs. No, they didn’t have any expectations in the first place. For them, a monarch was nothing but a person who abused and exploited...

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