Chapter 563 (Teaser)

The silver thread unfolded like a spider web and refracted beautifully in the moonlight. The flashing silver was reminiscent of a chandelier and Grid in the center was like an arrogant king. He looked around with cold eyes. He was so tranquil that it was hard to believe he was isolated among tens of thousands of enemy soldiers. He caused the audience and give high rankers captured by him to feel thrilled.

“ it possible to join Overgeared?” 

It wasn’t because their life was at risk. The high rankers felt a real dignity from Grid. They had a desire to follow him from the bottom of their hearts. They couldn’t help falling for Grid’s absolute power and dignity.  However, Grid misunderstood. They had just tried to kill him before asking to join the guild, so how could they be sincere?

'These guys are speaking lame things because they don’t want to die.’

Even stupid people wouldn’t fall for it!

'I am different. Hut!’

Grid gained a lot of insight from his accumulated experience. Setting aside his insight stat, Grid’s mind managed to puzzle out the intentions of the five high rankers.


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