Chapter 562 (Teaser)

The fortified city of Patrian. 



The night passed. Fire arrows relentlessly poured all over the place, lighting up the darkness.

“Shit...! This is nonsense!”

The players belonging to the 4th Patrian Reclamation Army. They believed that the 1st to 3rd armies would’ve been able to limit the power of Overgeared and that the war would end the moment they arrived. Instead, they became desperate in just half a day.

The woman called Jishuka. She held the Red Phoenix Bow and became a true godly archer. She transcended the strength of a player. An infinitely strong firepower that could be used from a distance! She was the worst weapon of mass destruction and the Eternal army turned to ashes in front of her.

“How do we defeat that?”

The Eternal army fell into a panic. It was hard to think about breaking through the fire arrows that killed hundreds of them with multiple shots. 

“What are the archers and magicians on our side doing? Turn Jishuka into a corpse! Don’t give her a chance to attack...

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