Chapter 559 (Teaser)

At the center of Bairan.

More than 9,000 people were tied up in a row. It was due to Duke Lucilliv’s words.

"You didn’t leave here, despite Bairan becoming a den of rebels. It’s clearly a crime. Your taxes and labor have filled the rebels’ stomachs. As a result, you’re also against the royal family.” 

The Bairan residents were no longer people of Eternal.

Duke Lucilliv judged. “They are not qualified to live on Eternal’s lands. Kill them. All generations will be destroyed and the graves of their ancestors torn down.”


The residents of Bairan thought it was unfair. Someone with courage tried to plea for mercy, but they weren’t allowed to open their mouths. The senior magicians used silence magic to forcibly shut the villagers’ mouths.

“Hup...! Oof!”

They couldn’t talk? Desperation filled the eyes of the residents.  At the very least, they wanted Duke Lucilliv to spare their children or parents. But Duke Lucilliv gave the command without caring.

“Kill them.”

“Oof! Oof!”

The residents tried to resist. They couldn’t move because they were bound tightly by rope. The soldiers overpowered them and they became the target of the bows.

“This is ...

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